Tom Früchtl, Simone Lanzenstiel, Florian Lechner, Sophia Pompéry 08 02 2019 – 22 03 2019

The group exhibition “unbuntpunkt” brings together four artists who share a special interest in illusion, light and space: Tom Früchtl, Simone Lanzenstiel, Florian Lechner and Sophia Pompéry. In installations, sculptures, photographs and painterly works, the four artists deal with the question of how the effects of everyday materials and situations change through artistic appropriation. The works, which are mostly conceptual and strongly reduced in their colorfulness, move beyond the compositional boundaries of the picture and question everyday viewing habits. Each artist uses their own strategy to achieve this: Tom Früchtl eliminates the boundary between object and image in his works; Simone Lanzenstiel creates delicate pictorial landscapes from fragile materials; Florian Lechner composes sculptures and installations from light and shadow, and Sophia Pompéry’s art destabilizes the laws of physics.

The exhibition’s title “unbuntpunkt“ (in English “uncolorful point”), refers to the white point used as a reference when measuring light and color values. The artists coordinated with each other in the course of the creative process as well as during the final selection process, making their works mutual points of reference. In so doing, an overall concept was developed that engages both thematically and in its artistic approach.


Tom Früchtl

Simone Lanzenstiel

Florian Lechner

Sophia Pompéry